• MiriamGrossmanMD.com - Numerous resources and her lastest book, Lost in Trans Nation

    Dr. Miriam Grossman MD is board certified in psychiatry and in the sub-specialty of child and adolescent psychiatry. Before gender ideology was on anyone’s radar, she warned parents about its falsehoods and dangers in her 2009 book about sexuality education, "You’re Teaching My Child WHAT?" Dr. Grossman’s practice currently focuses on gender-distressed young people and their parents. She believes that every child is born in the right body.

  • KeyMinistry.org - Numerous resources especially in mental health and the tie in of autism and trans-gendering and Dr. Stephen Grcevich's lastest book Mental Health and the Church

    Dr. Stephen Grcevich (MD, Northeast Ohio Medical University) serves as the founder and President of Key Ministry. He is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who combines over 25 years of knowledge gained through clinical practice and teaching with extensive research experience evaluating medications prescribed to children and teens for ADHD, anxiety, and depression. He regularly blogs at Church4EveryChild.

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LovingGodFirst.com seeks to share biblical teaching on sexual identity issues with churches and individuals. We believe loving God first means obeying his word, even when it runs counter to culture. We also believe in treating people who disagree with love and respect, as well as those who struggle with sexual identity.

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